Morris Flowers

The moment you walk in the door the beautiful smells of flowers greets one. Enjoyment, imagination, creativity with locally grown flowers or flowers from around the world. Each arrangement is special and it’s like the whole world in a box. Always something new – arrangements and displays to every emotion and occasion for people in their lives. The expansive greenhouse and grounds also hold almost any plant that Creston residents could possibly want for their own gardens. Starting in January, especially at the garden centre, you can see things grow. Everything comes into bloom and it’s lush and full. It evolves to (that point) and then it all disappears. It’s nice. The flower shop has evolved to also offer chocolate, lotions, gifts and antique furniture that was originally brought in from Europe just for display. The garden centre hosts events including weddings, library book sales and an annual Easter sunrise service. The weekly farmers market has also been hosted in the greenhouses when the weather cools down in late fall. Morris Flowers focus on people. Fleck and Morris enjoy working with the clients. Over the garden centre entrance hangs a sign that states, “Through these doors pass the most important people in the world: Our customers.”