TERROIR CHEESE is an artisan farmstead cheese business producing local, raw milk, artisan, terroir, GMO free cheeses for the discerning consumer at fair prices. TERROIR IS BEYOND ORGANICS! Beyond organics we are 100% GMO free (not just 90%); we only feed local hay to our cows because we want the local flora to get into the hay, into the cow, into the milk, into the cheese and back into you and me. We do not purchase GMO free hay from Washington State or Alberta. Its like buying honey. Do you want local unpasteurised honey or imported pasteurised? We do not feed our cows fermented feeds like corn silage (whether organic or not). Silages cause bitterness in cheese and late gas in aged cheeses. We limit the amount of grain to each cow even if its organic. Of course, we follow non-intensive agricultural practices and pasture our cows in the fields except in Winter. TERROIR CHEESE’s cheesemaking and milk production follow the traditional European practices of complete natural environment into our cheeses including such factors as the climate, flora, fauna, geography and soil.